Value proposition

Swift claim management

At Bridges S.A., we pride ourselves on our efficient and rapid processing of both paper and digital claims. By leveraging state-of-the-art, purpose-built technologies developed in-house, we ensure a seamless and expedited experience for all our clients.

Claim behavior monitoring

Our round-the-clock claim monitoring capabilities enable us to apply both automated and expert techniques for detecting abuse and fraud, ensuring the highest detection rate and maintaining the integrity of our services.

Benefits management system

We offer precise benefits modeling that includes detailed table descriptions, itemized and intelligent enforcement of special insurance policy conditions, and custom controls application using our proprietary rule engine.

Claim audit 

Our comprehensive health insurance claim audit leverages automated rules and advanced statistical methods to ensure meticulous compliance with our clients' requirements. By integrating real-time data analysis, we detect inconsistencies and potential fraud promptly, ensuring accuracy and reliability in claim processing. 

Our audit process includes thorough reviews of claim histories, validation of policy terms, and detailed reporting to maintain transparency and trust with our clients.

Proprietary what-if monte carlo simulations 

We have developed an exceptional actuarial tool for health insurance that combines deterministic and stochastic processes. 

This tool allows our partners to perform what-if scenario analysis on tables of benefits and to price new policies from scratch, providing a robust framework for informed decision-making. 

Quality health insurance at your fingertip

MyCover is the name of our corporate and insured member self-service web and mobile portal. It helps users navigate the intricacies of their health insurance policies, manage claims, address complaints, and track payments, among other features.